The Most Exclusive Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries are a special time every couple waits for. It doesn’t matter if you have been together for one year or for 10 years, love must always be celebrated. Anniversaries are the perfect chance to spoil your significant with exclusive gifts that you might not usually buy. With the rush of daily life, it can be hard to think of the perfect gift to buy for your partner. To help you choose the next perfect gift for your partner, we’ve put together a list of unique ideas below: 

  • Customized Pillow 

We all have pillows, but how many of us have custom made pillows just for us. One option is to create a pillow with your choice of a picture of text printed on it. You can make it special by having quotes inserted on it. Alternatively, a special, ‘Where it all began?’ the pillow can mention the date the first time you met or perhaps even your wedding date. There are plenty of colour options, sizes and materials available online, so there’s sure to be an option that your partner will love.

  • Handwritten letters 

There is something special about grabbing a pen and putting all your emotions down on paper. No matter how many texts you send each other, nothing beats the romance of a heartfelt anniversary message written by you. You can customize it by placing letters in different envelopes and mentioning when the significant other must open each one. Inside the envelope, you can also include other gifts such as a ring, or the first photo of you two together. Make it extra special by making them read out what you have written.

  • Their favourites

Is there something that your significant other simply cannot resist having, or have been looking to buy for a very long period of time? Then there is no better option than getting them that! Whether your partner is obsessed with books or watches, these make for the perfect gifts and you are almost assured that they will love it!

  • A surprise getaway!

Want to make the anniversary extra special? Take a break from the pressures and stress of everyday life and book a romantic trip away. Many romantic wedding venues also have a great range of luxury accommodation and make for great anniversary spots. To make it extra special, don’t tell your partner where you are going and leave little surprises everywhere you go. This can be something like a cute gift, a memorable experience such as a helicopter flight over Wineglass Bay, or even dinner at a fancy restaurant. The possibilities are endless!

  • A personalised journal 

Some of the most treasured memories you and your partner will have are of those times spent together. Record all those beautiful memories in a journal and be sure to include some photos as well. Make them revisit these memories by writing about how things happened and then write about what you wish your future to hold. This will also be a fun thing to revisit in anniversaries to come. 

The gift ideas for anniversaries are endless! Get creative and plan your gift beforehand and ensure that no matter how tight the daily schedule may be, the beauty of the day must not be lost.