Accessories That Show Off Your Personality

Fashion can represent so much about a person. It brings life to one’s culture, preference and mood. It’s every woman’s playground for her inner self. Wonderfully, taking time to dress up before leaving the house helps somebody feel good throughout the day ahead.

Some people are particular with fashion accessories to complete the total look. But is there more to it than just being an addition to a wardrobe? Many consider that personality may be reflected through fashion accessories one wears. 

Here are some of the more popular fashion accessories – and what they say about you:

  • Mobile phone accessories 

Phone accessories are a popular way to express your personality these days. Many people are using specific covers for their phones with, for example, a print of their favourite celebrity or pattern. Others use cool popsockets to express their creativity. There are endless ways to work with mobile accessories to express your own style. 

  • Necklaces

People who are fond of wearing necklaces usually are heads-on with their purpose. They are focused and goal-oriented. With a dedication to what they stand for and their passions (anywhere they pour their efforts), they are true to their values. Just like how Moana puts the heart of Tefiti safe and secure around her neck, a modern woman wearing a necklace shows she takes responsibility. The same goes for those who were in the army. The dog tags that hold their identity and that of their partner in the mission. This way, they know who they are and what they stand for. There are also moms of toddlers who prefer to wear pictures of their families in a locket. Or their wedding rings as pendants, while they take care of the little ones involving lots of handwashing. On top of that reason, choosing to wear it another way (as a necklace) serves their commitment to the marriage they honour.

  • Rings

A person with just a wedding band around the ring finger says it all. The person is married, committed and represents her family. If somebody wears more than one, placements may say something about their personality or the style they go for. Punks go for anything rose or skull. Alumni of huge names among schools have special graduation rings whose bearer takes pride in all its glory.

  • Sunglasses

They say sunglasses are more than sunglasses. Whether it’s to protect the eye from the harmful rays of the sun or to ease a condition called photophobia, wearing sunglasses covers an important part of your face; the eyes. According to a psychologist, Paul Ekman, an authority facial expression analyst, we have 23 different facial expressions and our eyes are involved in 1/3 of them all. That’s how much we hide when wearing sunglasses. That’s why celebrities use them to cover their emotions from the press. Sad to say, those who choose to hide behind huge, very dark ones achieve a semi-delusional comfort in wearing them since it makes them feel invisible. Somehow, this is flawed logic since it’s not true at all that you could hide behind glasses. But some choose to be naive around that fact.

  • Scarves

This one piece of clothing that gives an instant boost to a person’s fashion sense. It uplifts ordinary wardrobe into something elegant and sophisticated. Whether it’s for men or women, scarves speak of status. It became a political statement in some countries and it says a lot about a person’s belief or involvement in a movement or cause. Nowadays, it has also become a symbol of power, especially among women. Overall, wearing scarves means you want to stand out. That you’re a person of comfort with a reputation for favouring status or position. 

  • Watches

It’s a given, people who wear watches are either always late, or always on time. They may also be busy people who are always on the go or who love travelling. They could be very precise in planning, disciplining and could be a perfectionist or is obsessive-compulsive.

Besides accessories, other factors could say more about an individual’s personality. The hues you wear altogether, the shoes you complement your ensembles with and how you pick extravagant pieces, all play a great role. Regardless of what you end up wearing, remember to stay as yourself.